Shingo Ono

Full name: Shingo Ono
Date of birth: 07-07-1984
Birthplace: Japan
Country of birth: Osaka Japan
Dutch passport: No
Height: 69
Weight: 165
Bats/Throws: Left.Right
Positions: Outfielder, infielder, pitcher
Current team:
Previous team: Liga Norte Mexico San Quintin Freseros
Years experience in professional baseball: 6year in Japan,USA,Mexico
Desired level of play in the Netherlands: Hoofdklasse
My name is Shingo Ono.Nice to meet you.
I want play !!Please chance to me.

My Profile&Stats&Video

Name Shingo Ono
Birth day 07.07.1984
From Osaka Japan
Height 68.9inch
weight 165.3lb
position →outfielder &Infielder&Pitcher




2013 Mexican minor league
Liga Norte Mexico San Quintin Freseros
G25 AB103 R15 H28 2B5 3B2 HR1 RBI10 BB10 SO9 SB7 AVG0.271

2012 USA independent
Pecos League LasCrucesVaqueros
G33 AB78 R17 H25 2B3 3B3 HR0 RBI6 BB10 SO17 SB6 AVG 0.320

2011 JAPAN Independent
Shikoku League EhimeMandarinPirates
G40 AB100 R8 H27 2B5 3B2 HR0 RBI11 BB10 SO14 SB8 AVG 0.270

2010 JAPAN Independent
Shikoku League EhimeMandarinPirates
G52 AB134 R15 H37 2B7 3B1 HR2 RBI15 BB12 SO15 SB10 AVG 0.269

2009 JAPAN Independent
Kansai League Kobe 9cruise
G68 AB196 R25 H59 2B13 3B2 HR2 RBI25 BB20 SO21 SB15 AVG 0.301

2008 JAPAN Independent
BCLeague IsikawaMilionStars
G30 AB42 R4 H8 2B0 3B0 HR0 RBI1 BB6 SO5 SB1 AVG0.190

2007 JAPAN Independent
BCLeague NiigataAlblex
G66 AB193 R19 H53 2B12 3B1 HR0 RBI17 BB26 SO31 SB8 AVG 0.274

Best regards

Shingo Ono